Koch Construction Co. Inc. Quality & Reliability.

Premier Specialist in Floor Underlayment and Leveling for New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas. 

Koch Construction Co. GypCrete Flooring Specialists

Gypsum Concrete Flooring Specialists

Koch Construction has been in business for 40 years and has many years and projects of experience under their belt.

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Koch Construction Co. Inc. is a specialist in the floor underlayment and leveling industry.

We have earned a reputation as a full-service resource, providing the information you need to make sound decisions as well as a spectrum of underlayment products that meet your specific project challenges.

We're committed to earning your business through understanding your needs and providing quality products and solutions at competitive prices.

We are family owned since 1979.

We are committed to building strong relationships with the clients we serve.  Koch Construction assists architects, engineers, and owners in development and specifications of new projects in New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Arizona.

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We know concrete. See our capabilities.

Koch Construction utilizes the latest technology in the industry.

We provide Gypsum cement-based underlayments with compression strengths up to 4500 psi.  Portland cement-based self-leveling underlayments with compressive strengths up to 10,000 psi.  Laser Leveled Floors

Sound-Mat sound control systems for condos, apartments, houses, high rise office buildings, commercial buildings, open ceiling renovations, etc., increasing the sound rating of any floor/ceiling assembly.

We provide gypsum cement for pouring over radiant floor service, heating systems over concrete, wood floors, and floor leveling.

We provide all metal flashings, door pans, T-Bar, waterproofing membrane, and concrete for balconies and breezeways on upper floors of all multi-family buildings.

We install waterproofing deck coatings and decorative concrete overlays with a variety of Epoxy and Urethane finishes.

Resurfacing lightweight concrete, spalled concrete, rough unfinished concrete.

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